2022-2023 COUNCIL

Santiago Aguilar


Hey everyone! My name is Santiago Aguilar and I am a third year mechie with a minor in Mechatronics. In my eyes, MESS has been the ideal place to grow academically, proffesional, and socially alongside other mechanical engineering students. The plan for this year, is not only to keep this going, but too bring it to the next level. More opportunities. More social mixers. More academic help. You do not want to miss out.

Sarah Schieman

VP Events

Hey, I’m Sarah! I’m in my last year of mechanical engineering with a minor in energy and environment. Engg events have enhanced my university experience exponentially so I hope to keep that going with some traditional events as well as events MESS has not done in a while. See you there 🙂

Tausif Tajwar

VP Finance

Hey I am Tausif, VP Finance. I make sure MESS doesn't go broke hosting the best events in Engineering. I am from Bangladesh and I hate bland food. I am known for making good Philly Cheesesteaks and serving free shots in Mechtoberfest. Stay tuned for us because MESS is doing things bigger than ever before this year!

Riley Paffrath

VP Technology

Howdy Howdy! I'm Riley and I'll be your VP Tech for this year, be sure to check that website for all MESS related updates! I'm happy to be involved and excited to see you all at MESS Events! If you see me around campus say hi! 

(PS Come rep Mech for Engg Week!)

Kevishen Payen

VP External

Hello! My name is Kevishen and I am the VP External of the 22-23 MESS council. I'm in my fifth year of the regular Mechanical engineering program. I enjoy watching and playing football (soccer) and I also like to paint. Feel free to reach out for any questions!

Pehan Ranasinghe

VP Academic

Hey everyone, I'm Pehan I'm a third year MECH. I'm super pumped to be a part of the MESS team!!  Keep your schedules free for the amazing MESS events and yell hi if you see me around campus.

Anindita Howlader

VP Internal

Heyy! I'm Anin and I'm super excited to be a part of MESS this year. We've got lots of fun, engaging and awesome events coming up! If you have any questions or just wanna say hi, feel free to reach out!

Annemarie Summers

VP Communications

Hey hunnies, Annie here <3 

I'm your VP Comms this year but that's not all you'll see me up to. When I'm not madly into Formula 1, you can catch me in the mountains, flying glider plans, skiing, or into whatever else gets my hands dirty. 9/10 times I'm running around campus with a pair of headphones and coffee in hand so feel free to sauce a wave if you see me! xoxo

Niharika Mahapatra

Media Commissioner

Hey! My Name is Niharika but y'all can go ahead and call me Nikki! I'm from Tanzania. I love creating and designing and as our Media Commissioner, expect some great MESS content coming up! Apart from academics, I love to spend my time swimming, traveling and exploring cute cafés (highkey a coffee addict). Definitely on the engg grind but creativity is where my minds at! Can't wait to see you guys at our amazing MESS events! :)

Vicente Reimann 

Sponsorship Commissioner 

Hey! My name is Vicente and I am the MESS sponsorship commissioner for the 2022-23 school year. I am from Chile, and of course I love soccer. I am a second year mechanical engineering. I joined MESS because I went to all their events in first year and have a blast! So, I Hope to see everyone at the events!!!

Quinn Fearey

Events Commissioner

Hello everyone! My name is Quinn and I’m the Events Commissioner of MESS council for the 2022-23 school year. Looking forward to putting on a bunch of awesome events this year. I am currently in my third year of the combined degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business. I enjoy playing soccer and being outside.

Ishmam Rahman

Events Commissioner 

Hey! I’m Ishmam. Really happy to be a part of MESS this year and I’m looking forward to having amazing events this year! Let’s go MESS!

Anastasha Nebres

Second Year Representative

Hi, my name is Ana! I'm currently in my second year of Mechanical Engineering and I'll be a Second Year Representative for the MESS council this year. I'm so pumped to be a part of the MESS team and to help out with all our awesome events planned for this year. I'm always at campus so please feel free to say hi if you see me!

Alan Parra Hernandez

Second Year Representative 

Hello there! My name is Alan, and I am a second-year representative for the 2022-23 academic year. I'm from Mexico, and as a good Latin, I love food...especially tacos accompanied with tequila! I'm a mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace. My favorite hobbies are watching football and going hiking. I hope to see everyone at the events and on-campus ;)

Rodrigo Soley

Second Year Representative 

Hello, my name is Rodrigo, I was born in Costa Rica and raised in Honduras (Fun fact, 92% of Honduras' energy comes from renewable sources). My two main hobbies are sports and cooking. I like to believe that this life is a simulation and nothing is worth it just as an excuse to procrastinate.

Arvin Randhawa

First Year Representative 

Hey everyone, I'm Arvin I'm in first year engg and I am the first year representative for MESS. Besides drowning in homework, I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and love to workout! Stay tuned for the exciting MESS events to come this year. If you see me around campus, feel free to reach out!

Desly Job

Sober Representative

Hi, my name is Desly! I'm currently acting as the sober sponsor for MESS. I am so pumped to see you all at MESS events this year! So if you see me at events feel free to come up and talk, especially if you just need someone to talk to if the beverages get to much for you. I am here to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time.

Alex Barreto

Non-Sober Representative 

Hi, my name is Alex! I'm currently acting as the non-sober sponsor for MESS. I am so pumped to see you all at MESS events this year! So if you see me at events feel free to come up and talk, ONLY if you wanna crack some beverages with me. I am here to ensure everyone has a drunk and fun time.

For information about the roles and responsibilities, please view our constitution here


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