2023-2024 COUNCIL

Vicente Reimann 


Hey everyone! My name is Vicente Reimann and I am in my third year of mechanical engineering. I am very excited about all the events planned for this year, and can't wait to see everyone there having a memorable time with MESS. This year, MESS is dedicated to enhancing the academic and professional aspects of engineering, while also creating the greatest social events of engineering. As a proud Latino, I love everything related to soccer. Don't hesitate to come say hi if you spot me around campus. Looking forward to seeing you all at our events!!!

Alec Drebit 

VP Events

Hello! I’m Alec and I will be your VP Events for the 2023/2024 academic year! I’m addicted to having a good time so expect MESS to be lined up with some amazing events. Outside from school I love being active playing various sports. Get ready for a great year with MESS!

Santiago Aguilar 

VP Finance

Hey everyone! My name is Santiago Aguilar and I am a fourth year mechie with a minor in Mechatronics. In my eyes, MESS has been the ideal place to grow academically, proffesional, and socially alongside other mechanical engineering students. You do not want to miss out.

Alan Parra 

VP Technology

Hello there! My name’s Alan, and I’m a third year of Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace. I’ll be your VP Tech for this upcoming year. I swim regularly, so don’t wake me up if you see me napping! I hope to see everyone at the events and on-campus ;)

Marawan Warrad 

VP External

I’m a third year specializing in mechatronics and despite being in Engg I enjoy playing sports and being active.

Julia Donnici 

VP Academic

Hi! My name is Julia and I am in my third year of mechanical engineering. I am your VP Academic. My role is to help all of you have a better experience academically throughout the school year. Outside of school I love spending time outside and enjoying a good time with my family and friends. I hope to see you all at the events this year!

Sophie Beekman 

VP Internal

Hi! My name's Sophie, in my third year of Mechanical engineering and if you see me in the hallways of Schulich don't hesitate to say hi!

Niharika Mahapatra 

VP Communications

Hey! My name is Niharika but y’all can call be Nikki! I’m from Tanzania and love FOOD. If you need food recommendations then I’m your girl. Apart from academics, I love to travel and swim. Definitely on the ENGG grind so if you see me walking around with 3 coffees then 1. Ignore and 2. Do not expect me to share. I’ll buy you guys drinks at our MESS events tho so SHOW UP! I’ll see you guys soon ;)

Tanim Adnaan 

Media Commissioner

Hailing from Dhaka,Bangladesh, I’m a proud member of MESS. About Me: I’m all about finding beauty in precision engineering and innovation. When I’m not buried in textbooks or tinkering in the lab, you’ll often find me exploring the great outdoors, hiking and camping, to recharge my engineering spirit. I joined this club to connect with like-minded individuals who share my passion for turning ideas into mechanical reality. Guilty pleasure: Shhh…dont tell anyone, but I have a sweet tooth that could rival Willy Wonka’s ice cream, chocolate, you name it. Engineering might be my love, but dessert is my weakness. I dont know if I should call it a hidden talent or not but I have a knack for producing beats, composing music and writing songs. 

Farhana Naj Raisa  

Media Commissioner

Hi everyone!! My name is farhana. I’m from Bangladesh and currently in my second year of engineering. One of my favourite hobbies is mobile photography and video editing. I also absolutely enjoy hanging out and having a great time. I’ll be a media commissioner of MESS this year, hoping to bombard you guys with some good events and fun times!!! Do say hi if you see me strolling around squeezing my eyes because I definitely forget my glasses everywhere. :p 

Mohamed Gad  

Sponsorship Commissioner 

Im Gad, chemistry is my nemesis.

Nathalie Papas 

Events Commissioner

Hi! I'm Nathalie, I'm in my second year mechanical and this will be my first year with MESS. Looking forward to seeing you all at this years MESS events ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ 

Igor Klinov 

Events Commissioner 

Hey, all, I’m Igor, a third year mechie, and one of your events commissioners this year. I’ll be around all of the big events, making sure logistics, among other things, flow freely and smoothly. I’m a skier, traveller, and a foosball fiend – be sure to challenge me to a game if you run into me. 

Andrew O'Blenes 

Fourth Year Representative

Hey my name is Andrew, and I'm this years fourth year representative. I'm currently an achedemic victim being man handled by mechanical engineering with a minor in digital engineering. Besides the depths of tfdl you'll most likely either find me at the gym, or going through caffeine withdrawal. If you see feel free to say hi, and just remember, I already know your life's a MESS, so you might as well join the club. 

Aidan Chapman 

Third Year Representative 

Hello! My name is Aidan Chapman and I am a 3rd year representative for MESS. I’m from Vancouver originally and a huge canucks / sports fan (I don’t want to hear it). Fun fact: I don’t know what mechanical engineers do after graduating. 

Arvin Randhawa 

Second Year Representative 

Hey everyone, my name is Arvin and I am currently in my second year of mechanical engineering. This year I will be a second year representative for MESS. Besides drowning in homework, I like to workout and play soccer! Stay tuned for the exciting MESS events to come this year. If you see me around campus, feel free to reach out! 

Tyson Abramenko 

Second Year Representative 

Hey everyone! My name is Tyson Abramenko and I’m in second year Engineering. MESS has enhanced my experience in university so far as it has helped me grow professionally, academically and also socially. MESS also helps satisfy my own goals such as pushing for better and pushing for excellence which I’m really excited to see what the future holds with MESS. 

Keshaven Payen 

First Year Representative 

Hi everyone, my name is keshaven Payen and I'll be the first year representative for the 2023-2024 academic year. I'm from a tiny island called Mauritius. My hobbies include watching/playing football,biking and also I enjoy long walks. If ever you see me around the campus, feel free to reach out. 

For information about the roles and responsibilities, please view our constitution here


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