2021-2022 COUNCIL

2021-2022 COUNCIL

Michael Nikitenko


Hey I'm Mike, I'm in my last year of studies and I'm thrilled for the experiences we'll have in this upcoming school year! I am ambitious, goal-driven, responsible, and enthusiastic about the future. Let's work together to make the world a better place!


Santiago Aguilar

VP Events

Hola, my name is Aguilar, Santiago Aguilar. I’m a second year mechie with a minor in Mechatronics. I joined MESS to do two things: work hard and play hard. Want to get involved? Have any good ideas to share? Just want to say hi? Please feel free to reach out for absolutely any reason.


Liam Alder

VP Finance

I’m Liam, I am in my third year of studies. This year price is just a number, I am ready to blow the budget on any event if it ensures mechies will have a good time! PS. If anyone is in the aero minor hit up AESS on Instagram @aessuofc


Nand Desai

VP Technology

Howdy! I’m Nand. I am in my final year of studies and am excited to be back on campus in person. I love problem solving and finding solutions by utilizing new technologies. For fun, I enjoy hiking, soccer, and horror shows/movies. I hope that everyone has a fun and wonderful year!


Tausif Tajwar

VP External

Hello! my name is Tausif and I am the VP External of the MESS council for this year. I represent our Society to, and maintain strong relations with, our corporate sponsors and partners. I am majoring in Mech with an Aerospace minor. My favourite past times are watching sports and good cinema.


Riley Paffrath

VP Academic

Hey there, I'm Riley! I'm I'm second year of Mech with a minor in digital! I'm very excited to be a part of the MESS team! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming MESS events and feel free to say hello if you see me around campus!


Diya Shah

VP Internal

Hey I'm Diya , the VP internal for mess this calendar year. I am responsible for memberships and the internal coordination of the team. In my second year , also taking up a minor in energy and environment. Outside of academics I enjoy hiking, nature swimming and fiction movies and books. Looking forward to meeting many of you through the year.


Shiropa Mazumder

VP Communications

Heyy ! I'm Shiropa. I am currently in my 2nd year of Mech. Beside academic I like to spend my time painting, watching anime, kdramas, Netflix, and just roam around different places. I am the one who looks over the social media platforms and discord of MESS. Shoot me a text if you want to know anything, I will be glad to help. And hope to meet you all in the upcoming MESS events!


Mateo Ruedo Montes

Events Commissioner

Hey y'all! My name is Mateo Rueda Montes, I'm a second year mechanical engineering student with a minor in biomedical engineering. As an events commissioner, I'm helping to host events for us students, since I believe a healthy social life is the perfect complement to balance out education. I'll be helping host our big events, as well as leading some small events, like pool tournaments. For information regarding any events, please feel free to let me know!

Mason Balas

Events Commissioner


-Mason, 2nd Year Minoring in Digital Engineering

Christian Daniel

Media Commissioner

Ayo, my name is Christian, and grApHic DeSign iS My PasSi0N!!!!1! As our new media commisioner, expect to see fresh MESS content, design, and an overall new image. I might be on that third year mechanical engineering grind, but art and design is where my mind is at!

Santiago Montanez

Sponsorship Commissioner

Hey! I’m Santiago and I am the MESS sponsorship commissioner for 2021/2022.I am in my third year of mechanical engineering with a minor in mechatronics. Outside of class I enjoy working on cars and walking my dogs.

Quinn Fearey

Academic Events Commissioner

Hello everyone! My name is Quinn and I’m the Academic Commissioner of MESS council for the 2021-22 school year. I aid the Academic VP with any academic affairs related to the Mechanical Engineering faculty. I am currently in my second year of the combined degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business. I enjoy playing soccer and being outside.

Ejikeme Kansi

Events Commissioner

Hello, I am Kansi, a second year mechanical engineering major, I am from Nigeria , I am an events commissioner for MESS, I’m down to earth and calm, I love to spend my free time listening to music, playing basketball(Celtics 4L) and watching movies.

Breanna Neubauer

3rd Year Representative

Hi I’m Bree!! I’m a 3rd year rep in mechanical and aerospace engineering who is passionate about the outdoors, concrete toboggans and shingles + I’m the co-president of the aerospace engineering students’ society! Can’t wait to see everything we accomplish this year!

Manuel Agudelo

Multi-Year Representative

Hey I'm Manny, I'm going to be your multi-year Rep for MESS this year! I look forward to seeing you at events!

Rodrigo Soley

1st Year Representative

My Hi, my name is Rodrigo Soley and I am a first year student from Honduras. I am very exited to form part of the MESS counsil and take part in all of the activities throughout the year. I love to learn new things, find solutions and work in teams. I am looking forward to make the most of my first year. I hope everyone can have the best experience in MESS!

Ana Morales

Inter-Departmental Representative

Bryant Schroeder

Promotions Commissioner

Kieran Roberts

Schulich Teams Representative

Avi Muruganandam

ESS Representative